Nyheter i Zoomtext 2020

Snabbare och stabilare

Vi är glada att kunna meddela releasen av ZoomText 2020. Det senaste året har vi spenderat på att optimera programvaran och detta har kulminerat i hastighets- och prestandaförbättringar som gör ZoomText 2020 till den bästa releasen till dags dato.

I fall du använder ZoomTexts Appläsare tillsammans med Google Chrome så kommer du att notera att webbsidor öppnas mycket snabbare. Navigeringen har också förbättrats en hel del med förbättringar vad gäller funktioner som rör fokus, markör samt tangentbords- och museko. I fall du använder Gmail eller Facebook så kommer du att märka bättre markörföljning.

Tidigare när du körde Appläsaren tillsammans med Chrome så kunde det ta från fem till 15 sekunder att starta Appläsaren på dynamiska webbsidor. Med ZoomText 2020 så har detta minskats till under en sekund. Dessutom kommer du att notera bättre länk-, rad-, ord-, menings- och styckenavigering.

För att du ska kunna dra nytta av dessa förbättringar bjuder vi in dig att ladda ner och installera ZoomText 2020 idag.

ZoomText nu optimerat för 64-bitars Windows

ZoomText 2019 och tidigare kördes som ett 32-bitarsprogram på datorer med 64-bitars Windows. ZoomText 2020 körs nu som ett 64-bitarsprogram. Detta förbättrar både hastighet och prestanda.

Enhancements in ZoomText 2020.2006.12 and Fusion 2020.2006.2 (June 2020)

Fusion includes all the issues addressed for JAWS above, and the following changes are also in the latest ZoomText 2020 and Fusion 2020 June releases.

In the ZoomText or Fusion Menu, under the option called “Manage License Menu”, users who have ILM style authorization on their PC, will now find to different options called Remove Current Authorization and Remove All Product Authorization. When selecting the latter, if will remove any activation keys on the computer for JAWS, ZoomText, Fusion, or MAGic.

  • Resolved a reported issue in FireFox where Cursor Enhancements were showing up as you navigated links with the tab key when no cursor should have been present.

  • Addressed reported stability issues found in error reporting.

  • Resolved an issue reported where ZoomText Speech was not reading as you navigate the Thunderbird Email Message List as you navigate

Enhancements in ZoomText 2020.2004.35 and Fusion 2020.2004.13 (April 2020)

The following changes are in the latest ZoomText 2020 and Fusion 2020 April releases. You must be logged on as an administrator to install this software.

  • Resolved issues reported by the IRS related to an internal application running with ZoomText on Windows 10.

  • Fixed font smoothing corruption that could happen when scrolling through Office 365 apps.

  • Resolved an issue where dialog boxes were not being read correctly in Word 2016. (ZoomText only)

  • Resolved an issue where the AppView and TextView features were not working in Word 2010. (ZoomText only)

  • Resolved an issue where AppReader and Finder were not working with some apps on Windows 7 computers. (ZoomText only)

  • Resolved an issue where Focus Enhancements, Cursor Enhancements, and mouse echo were not working with some apps on Windows 7 computers.

  • Resolved an issue with ZoomText where mouse echo would return to and start reading from the top of a Word document while you are navigating by line through the document.

  • Resolved an issue where ZoomText or Fusion would unexpectedly close. The problem appeared after installing recent Windows 10 updates.

  • Resolved an issue where ZoomText would close after switching among apps (using ALT+TAB) and then changing magnification levels.

  • Improved stability when running ZoomText with PowerPoint Office 365.

  • Improved stability when running ZoomText with KDiff3 software.

  • Addressed minor formatting issues in localized versions of the ZoomText 2020 user interface.

Enhancements for ZoomText 2020.200312 (March 2020)

The following items were resolved in this release. You must be logged on as an administrator to install this software.

  • Resolved issue introduced in the February Update where Speech was enabled for Magnification only licenses. This update restores the speech option honoring the license indication and the speech option will remained greyed out.
  • Resolved reported issues related to mouse speech when navigating text in documents. There were reported issues of all text being spoken as you reached the last line with the mouse pointer.
  • Removed the system tray icon present when ZoomText or Fusion were running, which when clicked, disabled the magnification without warning causing problems for someone who needs magnification.
  • Working with the IRS on stability issues of some internal applications running under Windows 10.


Enhancements for ZoomText 2020.2001.58 (February 2020)

The following items were resolved in this release.  You must be logged on as an administrator to install this software.

  • Resolved several issues reported by customers running ZoomText or Fusion with the newly released IBM Notes 9 Social Edition.
  • Made tracking improvements to both Cursor Enhancements and the magnified Viewport while using Firefox.
  • Resolved an issue where Neo Speech Voices were not reading while using App Reader in ZoomText.
  • When performing a SayAll, Cursor Enhancements are now disabled until the SayAll stops.